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So I have been thinking.

I am so stupid and new when it comes to pronouns and genders. I am so freaking new to  all of this it is sad. It wasn’t until This Year that I learned about all the other genders.

I never once thought to ask people their preferred pronouns or anything like that. They should really teach a class at school or something, gender education. SOMETHING.

I feel like I have may have offended so many people without realizing it. I’m thinking about just whenever I meet someone now just to ask their preferred pronoun, that may not be new to you guys but if I suggested that while living with my mom she would of been confused and called me an idiot for thinking there is anything pass “Boy” and “Girl”

I just feel like I need to do so much research about everything now..


Why didn’t someone teach me these things earlier on in life?!

If I ever have a kid, I will teach them these things and make sure they know. Also let them know that it is perfectly fine to feel different.